Business Continuity Now

Business Continuity has emerged in the last few years. It was born in high risk and highly regulated industries, but is now spreading rapidly into all sectors and every type of organisations.

Originally, it was the domain of a few elite consultants; now having moved into the mainstream, it’s become a business as usual activity that’s performed by everyday people.
Historically, consultants charged a premium for their skills and knowledge to organisations. These companies had no choice but to pay up for bespoke consultancy engagements. Now, with its proliferation and the multitude of practitioners embedded inside organisations Business Continuity has effectively been commoditised. This commoditisation is a good thing because organisations need Business Continuity in place quickly, at the lowest cost and without pain.


About bcmtimes

I've been involved with BCM for 25 years and I'm the author of The Business Continuity Desk Reference.
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