Virtual Business Continuity or Literal Disaster?

There’s a huge buzz around virtualisations and increasingly both technologists and business people are think that it’s the solution to many of their problems.

In particular it has appeal in the realm of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

I think we need to have a little caution. Virtualisation is a great thing and it’s definately the way of the future BUT we need to approach it with our eyes open. If there’s a lesson from the past it’s not to think that the next big thing is the solution to all our problems.

It just seems plain common sense that if you can’t manage what’s currently hosted on discreet and tangible boxes you’ll come a cropper when you try to manage a cloud!

I suppose the point is not to think that virtualisation will solve your problems, but instead to think how can we solve our problems using virtualisation as part of the solution.

So by all means go virtual but be prepared for some work!

Good luck,


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I've been involved with BCM for 25 years and I'm the author of The Business Continuity Desk Reference.
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