I’m not a moaner, I’m a writer!

I said that I was fed up with:

  1. Reading lots of stuff that tells me what I’ve got to do but fails to explain how.
  2. With BCM people that are somewhat detached from the real world and seem to forget that “Business” comes before Continuity Management.
  3. The mindless orthodoxy that dominates this discipline.

Well, rather than just maoning about it, I’ve written a book. That I hope addresses these points.

It’s called the Business Continuity Managers Desk Reference. It covers the key aspects of Business Continuity and is written so that anyone can pick it up, read it then go and do it. It tells people what they have to do, it gives them simple tools to use and tells them what questions they need to ask and who they should be speaking to.

The way I see it. I’ve got about 2 years experience but it’s taken me 25 years to get it. I hope that by reading this you can be spared a few years and avoid my many mistakes!

It should be available in about a week on amazon!!

All the best,

Jamie Watters


About bcmtimes

I've been involved with BCM for 25 years and I'm the author of The Business Continuity Desk Reference.
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