BCM Times – Blog on Business Continuity

There are three reasons I’m writing this blog:

  1. I’m feed up with reading lots of stuff that tells me what I’ve got to do but fails to explain how.
  2. I’m also feed up with BCM people that are somewhat detached from the real world and seem to forget that “Business” comes before Continuity Management.
  3. I’m also feed up with the mindless orthodoxy that dominates this discipline.

    So, for these reasons I’m writing this blog to capture some tips on how to actually do things and to share some different ideas about how we should approach Business Continuity.

    Having stated these noble aims. I should warn you that the blog probably won’t be so noble. In fact, much of it will just be me reflecting on day-to-day events like doing BIAs, reviewing BCPs and running tests.

    However, this is not about me it’s about gathering ideas and experiences and I hope that other people will follow and make positive contributions, if only to say that I’m wrong… Which of course I often am!



    About bcmtimes

    I've been involved with BCM for 25 years and I'm the author of The Business Continuity Desk Reference.
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